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Richmond Hill, GA – Friends In The Garden Wellness Ministry is excited to announce the reveal of the Watermelon Wellness Bar, “The JuiceBox”. The reveal will be held on Thursday, May 23, 2024 at 4:00pm located at the Friendship Garden at 725 Laurel Hill Circle, Richmond Hill, GA 31324.

Founder Julie Lohr’s mission of Friends In The Garden is to grow fresh, healthy produce together as a Community while promoting Environmental Sustainability and providing Affordable WellCare for all. We believe that by working together, we can create a healthier and more sustainable future for everyone.

In November 2023, McDonald’s awarded a $5000 Golden Grant for Watermelon Hill and Wellness Bar. The project brings children together to plant Watermelon Hills throughout the community while learning and implementing sustainable practices. During the 100 days of watermelon growth, the gardens will have tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans and other garden goodness to enjoy. After harvest, a watermelon juice celebration will be had at the JuiceBox.

After months of unsuccessful searching for land to execute the grant, Lohr used the only space she had available – her own front yard in the Mainstreet subdivision. The garden is thriving thanks to composted yard waste from neighbors, kitchen scraps from local restaurants and the hard work of over 30 children in the community. Unfortunately, the Mainstreet HOA has demanded the removal of the garden and has issued the first round of fines.

Over 20% of the youth in Bryan County is on the free or reduced lunch program and the summer months are extremely challenging for these households. Ironically, the Mainstreet subdivision will be hosting the Bryan County Summer Lunch Program and children will be passing by the current garden location all summer.

“Imagine if we could plant gardens throughout the community, grow food together and feed these families! We could be offering fresh food from the vine, making new friends and creating a stronger, healthier community. With 614 houses in Mainstreet alone, imagine the Green Communities Initiative that could be started and branch into other neighborhoods!” \

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