Layers upon layers of rich, deep-rooted history serve as the foundation for life as we know it today in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

From the days of the early Spanish missionaries and Guale Indians, the discovery and cultivation of a thriving, self-sustaining community by Henry and Clara Ford, to the days of a bustling shrimping industry and the booming residential development of the beautiful peninsula we call home, the stories are unique, the scenery stunning, and the allure… still completely unforgettable. If you are reading this, you must have heard about the best kept secret on the 100-mile Coast of Georgia.

Our interactive and searchable map featuring merchants and service providers makes it simple to find just about anything you might need here. We’ve gone a step further to tell the in-depth stories of stops along the Coastal Bryan Heritage Trail, or about the people and places most notably seen in past issues of Reflections Lifestyle Magazine… This map holds 20 years of archives stories along with business profiles and imagery of those carrying out their dreams here. There are synopses of fun places to explore or relax, and the official community calendar, which is updated daily for your enjoyment. It was our goal to provide one spot to connect you to the lifestyle.

So whether you are coming and going or planning to stay for a while, or forever, this site is your guide to living the lifestyle. 

On behalf of Reflections Media Communications and our partners, welcome to Richmond Hill, Georgia.

Start Living!