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The Georgia Legislative Session is now underway and will be happening until the end of March or early April.  Students can serve as a PAGE for one day during the Session. It is not only an excused absence but they get paid a small amount ($10-20), and the best part is they get to see the political process up close at the State Capitol.
The links to learn more and to register are below.  Please contact Matt Campbell at for help with registration. 

House Page Program

Welcome to the Georgia House of Representatives’ Page Program, an exclusive opportunity offering Georgia’s students between 12 and 18 years of age to visit the State Capitol and serve the members of the House of Representatives. This program has become an essential part of the services provided to both the legislators and the public. For over 50 years, the experience of a legislative page has sparked many political aspirations and has been a connective link between elected leaders and Georgia’s young students.

Page Program Staff

State Capitol

Atlanta, GA 30334

Office: (404) 463-5414 or (404) 463-6481

Senate Page Program

The Senate Page Program offers students ages 12-18 a first-hand opportunity to visit the Capitol to observe and participate in the legislative process during the General Assembly’s 40-day legislative session. For one designated day, Senate Pages serve the Senate by delivering important information and messages to Senators in the Senate Chamber.

Please note that Pages serve for one legislative day during the session. Please list three dates (in order of preference) that will best fit your schedule. One date will be selected based on availability.

The first day of the 2024 Legislative Session is Monday, January 8, 2024.

Become a Page

Complete registration using the link here

Read more in the Page Welcome Packet

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