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(SAVANNAH, Ga) Leigh Ebberwein, an award-winning Savannah-based author of “The Saints of Savannah” series of novels, is releasing her third book, “The Castle on Wassaw Sound,” on World Book Day.

Ebberwein never set out to be an author. After growing up in Savannah, she earned two business degrees from Georgia Southern University. For the following 25 years, she was “the VP for a fast and growing company…my family!” As the wife and mother of seven children, there simply was no time for anything else, let alone writing a book. As her youngest children reached their teen years, her time arrived. A little more than two years ago, she began frantically filling composition notebooks, and before she knew it, she had her first novel drafted.

That initial story developed into “The Blessing of the Celtic Curse,” the first in her “The Saints of Savannah” series, and the start of a theme that sends characters from Savannah to faraway places; in the first book’s case, it was to Ireland. A year later, Ebberwein wrote “The Savannah Gondolier,” which took readers on a journey from the Hostess City to Italy. Now the third book, “The Castle on Wassaw Sound,” takes readers from the Savannah waterways to the misty highlands of Scotland.

“I love Savannah. Its quirkiness and uniqueness always lend a story to be told. I am blessed to write about fictitious characters living in our fair city and share my books with a large, welcoming audience,” Ebberwein said.

In her latest tale, Stephanie returns home to Savannah to reunite with her old friends and seek opportunities in architecture. Savannah, however, is not the friendliest town for modern buildings. When offered a job on a new renovation, she jumped. What she didn’t know is that the project is a 250-year-old castle replete with an irritating, kilt-wearing project manager.

Across the Atlantic, Philip is settling his father’s estate in Scotland and learns he is the owner of a castle on the outskirts of Savannah. With his ties to Scotland dwindling, he heads to Savannah to renovate his castle. Challenges mount quickly, including an expiring land grant, casino speculators, unobtainable permits, old money influence, and the strong-willed architect Stephanie. To preserve this piece of history, the pair must put their differences aside and travel to Scotland in a race against time that will solve — or doom — their efforts.

Ebberwein says she wants people to experience the beauty of Savannah through her writing. Readers who enjoy fiction, history, drama, and romance now have a third opportunity to take her up on that offer.

The publisher of “The Saints of Savannah” series is Old Fort Press. Her books are available through independent bookstores and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other outlets in paperback and e-book versions.

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