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Local non-profits receive unexpected gifts

Operating a successful non-profit is an immense undertaking, just ask any committee member out there who selflessly gives to make a difference. It takes proper funding and willing volunteers donating countless hours of dedication to fulfill the missions set forth by these special organizations that work to strengthen our community. Most often, proper funding comes from the literal act of fundraising, which can be an added and daunting task. Richmond Hill City Councilman Robbie Ward, who is no stranger to local philanthropic volunteer committee rosters, made good for the second year in a row on his campaign promise to donate his city salary to the greater good each year. This year granting a total of $5000 to the Bryan County Senior Center, The Richmond Hill Farmers Market and Fight the War Within Foundation.

As an active and engaged member and representative of the City (currently serving his second term as councilman), Ward understands the value strong philanthropic efforts play in the overall well-being of our community. “Strengthening the capabilities of local non-profit organizations with voluntary funds allows them to better fulfill their mission of public good without the hassle of creating a fundraising vehicle,” Ward says.“My goal in these gifts are to help these organizations enhance their missions with the funding they were not necessarily counting on. I encourage everyone to seek out a charitable organization to support. It makes a difference.”

About this year’s gift recipients

Fight the War Within is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources to those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress as a result of military or first responder service, or some other tragic event, to provide support for people from all walks of life, who are struggling and in need of help.

“We are very thankful for Robbie’s generous donation to Fight the War Within Foundation. As a 100% all-volunteer 501c3 organization, every cent goes towards our mission to end suicide. We are proud to have been started in Richmond Hill and to now proudly serve veterans, first responders, and people of all walks [of life] throughout the United States.” MIRANDA BRIGGS, Founder Fight the War Within

The Bryan County Senior Citizens Center promotes the independence and well-being of citizens 60+ in our community offering the individuals and their caregivers information and access to needed services and resources.

“Robbie Ward has been a blessing to our Senior Center. Through his generous donations, we have been able to help our seniors in need, plan fun activities, and go on field trips. We thank him for always thinking of our center and seniors .”  —TONYA HENDERSON, Bryan County Senior Citizens Center Director

The Richmond Hill Farmers Market returned to our community this year offering a venue for local farmers, artisans, small business owners and entertainers a platform to showcase their goods and services for sale.

“Mr. Ward never ceases to amaze me in the ways he supports our community. He always makes time to attend events, engages with community members, as well as donating his city council pay check to various organizations each year. Being one of the recipients this year, the Richmond Hill Farmers Market committee is tremendously grateful of his generosity and support. Having Mr. Ward’s blessing in our endeavors to revitalize such an important tradition is an honor.”  —JACKIE ELROY, Farmers Market Committee

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