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Allen English & Yossi Binyamin (Caesarstone) pictured with Dr. Brittney Mobley (FMES Principal)

More impressive than the gorgeous quartz countertops that leave the Caesarstone manufacturing plant at Belfast Commerce Center is the people and the culture being shared inside. In just seven short years, the Israeli-based quartz manufacturer has become a well-known household name in Richmond Hill, in more ways than one.

This year, Caesarstone will complete the second of three major donations to Bryan County Schools. 67 quartz countertops grace the campus of the newly-built Frances Meeks Elementary School in the Main Office, Lunch Room and Bathrooms; 42 stone slabs are currently being installed in the renovation project at Carver Elementary and 397 slabs are part of interior design plan of the new Richmond Hill High School (currently under construction). “We wanted to give back to the community. They have been so welcoming to our out-of-town families and our company as a whole, and this felt like a great way to reach so many at a time, through the schools,” says Allen English, Associate Supply Chain Manager.

“Private public partnerships are essential when it comes to building great communities. It was immediately evident Caesarstone was a leader in this area when we worked together to place their high-quality quartz surfaces in our new and renovated schools. I want to thank Caesarstone for not only being great partners but being leaders when it comes to having a positive impact on community,” says Paul T. Brooksher, Ph.D., Superintendent, Bryan County Schools.

For 35 years, Caesarstone’s core values have attracted the likes of very high-end designers for a mostly B2B sales model. For the first time in company history, Caesarstone launched a B2C business model, kicking off this Summer from the Design Center at Belfast Commerce Center. “We are very excited about our direct-to-consumer sales program for Richmond Hill residents. Richmond Hill has been so good to us and there is so much more good to come.” says Yossi Binyamin, Local Plant Manager.

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About Caesarstone: In 1987, Caesarstone pioneered the quartz countertop. Raw quartz is abundant in nature—common like sand and hard like steel—offering a durability like no other in the surface industry, advantages unattainable with marble, granite and things of the like. Using patented technology and desire for innovative design, Caesarstone grew quickly, attracting high-end interior designers around the world. Growing demand in the US made opening a manufacturing facility to expedite product-to-market a necessity, thus leading to the 2015 expansion. Today, Caesarstone has four manufacturing facilities in the US, India and Israel and they sell to 55 different countries globally.

Stone types donated to Bryan County Schools

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