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RHHS Drama Club presents

On Dragonfly Wings

Book by Lisa Matsumoto

Music and Lyrics by Roslyn Catracchia

Conceived by Lisa Matsumoto

Musical Orchestrations by David Kauahikaua


ON DRAGONFLY WINGS is a celebration of life and the human spirit. Through the character of Daisy Dragonfly, a tiny and imaginative water bug in a big pond, it shares the inspiring story of little Alana Dung, the courageous young girl who made (and continues to make) a significant difference in the lives of others in just her three short years of life, illustrating the profound impact we can make, despite our age or size. Alana’s story illustrates that we are never too small or insignificant to make a difference and that we all contribute in our own way.


ON DRAGONFLY WINGS aspires to offer a message of hope, to inspire each of us to follow our dreams, to pursue our passion, to live each day to the fullest, to cherish each moment, to make the most of the time we have with those we love, to celebrate and honor the gifts we each have to offer, and to believe that we can and do make a profound difference in more ways than we will ever know.


Meet Daisy and Dora Dragonfly, Carmine Frog, Simon Snail, Mayor Crayfish, Dr. Paul and Paula Wog, the Tadpole Ballet, and many more Crystal Pond friends in this heartfelt, metaphorical children’s musical.


(Audience members may park in the parking lots near the gym at Richmond Hill Middle School and enter through the glass double doors near the gym stage.)



Richmond Hill Middle School Gymnasium

503 Warren Hill Road Richmond Hill, GA, 31324


The Richmond Hill Middle School Stage


Thursday, March 28th at 6pm

Friday, March 29th at 6pm

Saturday, March 30th at 2pm

Saturday, March 30th at 6pm


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