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Richmond Hill-Bryan County Chamber of Commerce Announces
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Celebrating US Health Advisors – Lucie Garner

Richmond Hill, GA –   The Richmond Hill-Bryan County Chamber of Commerce invites you to attend the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Lucie Garner on Tuesday, August 9th at 3:30 p.m. The Ribbon Cutting will take place at US Health Advisor’s Lucie Garner’s new location at 9976 Ford Ave, Richmond Hill, GA.

Chamber members and their guests are invited to enjoy an afternoon of congratulating
Lucie on their Grand Opening and Welcoming them to the RHBC Chamber. Small sandwiches & snacks will be provided for those in attendance.

At US Health Advisors Lucie Garner, I am very passionate about Helping Other People Every Day (HOPE) to find the right coverage for their individual needs. Everyone is different and health insurance is not one size fits all. While one health plan may be suitable for a certain individual, it does not mean it is the right fit for another.
My goal is to use my deep understanding of healthcare systems to leverage the best solution for you. I have learned that everyone who is looking into getting health insurance craves and deserves representation.
Navigating the health insurance world doesn’t have to be complicated and people don’t have to do it alone. As a matter of fact, I don’t even recommend it!
As an entrepreneur with years in the medical industry, I understand the challenges facing all Americans looking for affordable health coverage.
Most people realize that they don’t possess the knowledge or expertise to make proper insurance decisions for themselves, their families or small business. Although modern health policies are easy-to-read they are NOT easy-to-understand.
I can help anyone and everyone! Although I specialize in private, health-based plans that offer nationwide coverage whether you are on or off the job, I can also look at the ACA options on the open market.
Many people don’t know about their options until they meet with me. I will provide them with an accurate and relevant advice for their unique healthcare needs.

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