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At the core of our Bē Health & Well-Being® program at Heartwood in Richmond Hill is your overall well-being. We encompass that in four buckets: physical, emotional/mental, spiritual and social/societal.

BēHealth is offering a very unique, fun, and engaging holiday camp experience.
The aim of our daily activities is to help children gain a better understanding of health & wellbeing through group Fitness, Mindfulness & Nutrition FUN. Children will participate in Kid’s Yoga, Mindfulness Activities & Trail walks, Kid’s POUND, & other holiday themed activities, including a nutritional activity & snack. The camps will be staffed by Dieticians, certified fitness trainers & Health Educators.
For more information regarding camp dates and registration, please see below.
Upcoming Camp Dates: February 20th – 22nd Additional Camp & Event dates can be found on our fitness calendar:

Register through the BēHealth App: www.sjchs.org/be-health-app


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